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Year Six have been formulating advice for teachers, parents and the current Year Five children. You would be very proud of the advice that was given. 


Year Six asked for more information up around school giving advice about what to do if they were worried about something online. They wanted to hear reassurance that telling us wouldn’t get them into trouble and that teachers would share the information with parents. They wanted to know that if they hung back at break time or we saw that they weren’t playing in the playground like usual, then we would ask them if something was wrong. 


We thought that you would like to read the advice that the children wrote to parents. It was made clear to them that this was advice for all of our school parents, not just the adults at home. 


Children made the following comments and suggestions:  


  • Check what is happening online and what your child is posting. This will help you have clues about how to help.  
  • If you notice that something is wrong, give your child something nice for tea to relax them. 
  • Be as relatable as you can. Learn to share feelings so this feels natural when you need to  
  • Only remove devices for a short time if possible so that they know they can speak again in future. 
  • Taking devices away makes your child think more and more and more about it.  
  • Parent should monitor and take away devices if they need to, but not for long.  
  • Don’t ignore bad behaviour. They must stay safe online.  
  • Say that you are here to help, not to be cross.  
  • Know your child well enough to know when they are upset. Always ask if you suspect that something is wrong.  


The following sites provide a wealth of advice, guidance, technical support and information about how to set protective limits for children using digital devices at home.   

NSPCC Share Aware 



Safer Internet