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Staying Safe and Happy

Be Internet Legends!


Year Six took part in an online Internet Legends events with others schools in the Autumn Term. Using their increasing knowledge of online safety, they have shared some top tips with Year Four:


yes Sophie - Report things that upset you. If someone is rude to you online, report it in the app and tell a teacher.

yes Mitchell - Don't always believe what you see online. Ask questions and check with someone if you are unsure.

yes Logan - Block pop-ups and don't click on them if they come up on your screen. They are often unhelpful.

yes Addy - Use trusted websites. Ask for help finding these.

yes Savannah - Keep your personal information to yourself. Don't share this with others.


Next year, the children in the class felt that Year Four and Year Five should be involved in the event too as it was suitable for them and they would find it helpful.