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Spring Two

What are we learning about in Spring Two?



Year Six will continue their work on TRASH by Andy Mulligan where they will be introduced to exciting writing techniques before writing their own multi-narrative ending. After that, we will delve into non-fiction writing and learning to create newspaper articles with a formal tone. We will then use our knowledge of the Victorians from history and our formal writing from TRASH to write non-chronological reports.



In maths, we will learn fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents and be able to convert fluently between these. In addition to this, we will study 'area, perimeter and volume', 'statistics', and 'position and direction'. Year Six will continue to practise their arithmetic every day in our exciting maths ninja challenges. 



In history, Year Six will travel back in time to the Victorian era. To fully immerse ourselves, we will be going to Blists Hill on a class trip and experience a day as a Victorian child (I think you’ll prefer modern-day school)! Year Six will look at the different jobs in this time period and investigate societal change as a middle class is formed and the impact that this had.




We are looking at South America in geography this term. Using atlases, paper and digital maps, Year Six will investigate the different countries in South America. You will create their own graphs in excel to describe population diversity and distribution and the factors causing this. In depth, Year Six will study the main river basins and the Andes mountain range using topographic maps.



In science, Year Six will be investigating light and how we see objects. We will explore reflection and refraction and the anatomy of the eye. After that, we will set up experiments using our scientific skills to investigate rainbows and shadows.



Year Six will continue to learn athletics in Spring Two developing different jumping techniques including standing long jump and triple jump. In gymnastics, Year Six will create partner and group routines which will incorporate a range of travelling, rolls and individual and group balances.