BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Year Two Leavers 2027


In geography, the children used Google Earth to navigate and find the United Kingdom. They used positional and locational language to direct each other when using the program. They zoomed in and located Stafford and Berkswich. They then took a screenshot photograph of the satellite image of school in order to point out physical and human features in the school grounds. Some children even found their houses nearby! Superb computing skills on display! 



Year Two love using technology to help them with their handwriting. To help them to form the shape of the focused letter, they trace over it using different colours. Once they get used to this they minimise the letter so that they can focus on accurately forming the letter before moving on to applying it within words. 


Year Two can help. To help us with our writing of the Bog Baby we have been using a variety of descriptive vocabulary, including adverbs. 


In this lesson , we needed to find synonyms for the adverb happily. We then applied these to our sentences when describing what they Bog Baby did when he was returned home.