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Year Six Leavers 2023

Playing with Perspective!

It was great fun using the iPads to apply our understanding of perspective, creating visually puzzling photos! The iPads were an effective tool, since the larger screen meant that we were easily able to view and adjust the arrangement of group members and objects, as well as quickly crop the photos to enhance the digital piece of art as we went. Seeing if a photo worked 'there and then,' meant more pieces of art were created successfully.




Ocean Currents and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Year Six have used an app called PicCollage to make a poster to support their presentation. Each group had to carefully consider their target audience. Through experimenting with different images and texts, the children had to convey a main message in their poster which was used during their presentation to the rest of the class about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Creating Depth and Atmosphere


Jack and Oliver's mountain range examples demonstrate both our school value of team work and how software can be used efficiently to create a piece of art. The children used Paint to experiment with line, form, tints and shades to create the illusion of depth. What was particularly impressive was their willingness to tinker with a variety of filters to develop their background further. An atmospheric image; well done!