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Links with the High School

We are in close contact with Miss Everill, head of music at Walton High School; she is very excited about the music that goes on in local primary schools; you will remember her from Year Five when you performed in the the Walton Pyramid concerts.


Looking to Year Seven, Miss Everill notes that teachers continue to try to be as practical as possible in their approach at Walton. The ukulele is one of the instruments that you will learn together, continuing your journey in reading basic music notation. Take a look at the music rooms at Walton in the photos below. 


Building on your class instrumental lessons when learning to play the glockenspiel, your knowledge and skills will be applied when learning to play the keyboard if you go to Walton. One of the rooms at school is equipped with keyboards, so that students can all begin to develop keyboard skills (you will be asked take in your own headphones to use within lessons).


Walton has a strong focus on singing, often using Sing-Up or Young Voices songs that students find engaging and enjoyable.


You have some great music-making ahead at Walton!