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Selection in physical computing

This term in computing, Year Five are getting to grips with ‘Crumble’. During our first lesson, we learnt how to create a simple circuit to connect a crumble, before programming it to make a LED switch on. There was plenty of troubleshooting as children tried hard to identify things that were not working. Well done, Year Five!


In our second lesson, we were introduced to conditions, and how they can be used in programs to control their flow. We then had a go at using a Crumble switch and learnt how it can provide the Crumble controller with an input that can be used as a condition. We enjoyed exploring how to write programs that allowed us to use the switch to stop the sparkle from flashing. Take a look at Blake and Otto's demonstrations:

Otto's Demo:

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Blake's Demo:

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Our third lesson allowed us to develop our understanding of how the flow of actions in algorithms and programs can be controlled by conditions. We represented conditions and actions using the ‘if…then…’ structure before creating algorithms that include selection. We used this algorithm to support our programming. We learnt that you have to program the controller to 'loop' to repeatedly check if a condition has been met.

Take a look at an example from this lesson:

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