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Additional Homework Tasks

Calling all Year Two children! Would you like some more fun ideas for extra practise at home, or further help with your homework? Well you have come to the right place!  Read the list of exciting tasks and challenges below and enjoy having a go at them. Please bring in your completed work in to show us. 


Activity One - Creative Activity

Design and make your own underwater creature. You could use paint, draw, collage or even make a model of your creature.  Discuss your creature with an adult.  Write a list of wow words to describe your under water creature.  Write some sentences encouraging people to come and visit your creature in the aquarium or zoo. Don't forget to use your wow words.  Add a conjunction such as 'and', 'but', or 'because' to tell people why they should visit your new under water creature in the aquarium or zoo.


Activity Two - Maths 

To design a board game for younger children that will help them to count on, count back and read numbers up to 100.  Bring it in and share with a younger child in school.


Activity Three - Computing

Research a topic that you are currently learning about at school.  Then use this information to create a fact file.  This will be a really good activity to practise those skills such as copy, paste, save, key board skills and creating images.


Activity Four - Adjectives

Do you sometimes forget to use these in your writing?  Design your very own animal and use descriptive words to label and write sentences about the animal.


Activity Five - Letter Writing

Does anyone in your family live a long way from where you live? Write a letter to them and add some information about what you have been doing in school. What are you most proud about? What have you learnt recently? Ask them some questions to answer if they have time to reply. With help from a parent or another adult, address and post the letter. This will give you a good chance to practise using capital letters for names and question marks for questions. 

Activity Six - Maths

Play maths puzzles and games at home. Anything with a dice will help you enjoy maths and develop your numeracy and logic skills.

Activity Seven - Favourite Books 

What fiction or non-fiction book have you really enjoyed recently?  Discuss with an adult at home why you really enjoyed this book.  How could you present this to the rest of your class?  Maybe, prepare a speech, write a book review, interview the characters, make a storyboard to retell from or create a fact flap book.


Activity Eight - Healthy Eating

Choose a recipe that you would like to make.  Read the recipe and follow the instructions to make your chosen food.  Take a photograph of the food once made, then write a description of how it tasted.