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Variables and gamers!

Spring Two - Variables in Games


This term, the children will be using Scratch to learn about variables in games - building the knowledge to be able to plan and create their own fun game. The children have their own education accounts which they can carry on tinkering at home. 


In our first lesson, we examined variables and values, trying out some existing coding (which is running below) to work out what these are. 


We are making sure that we use the correct vocabulary, so that we can speak meaningfully about the coding that we are going to be writing:



"A variable in coding is a changeable value." Harry 


Values can be letters or numbers." Lexie


"Variables need naming clearly." Joel


"The name of the values cannot be changed, but the values can." Belle


"Keep the name simple, yet clear enough to identify it." Seb


"Don't use spaces in coding or when naming. Use an underscore instead." Olivia