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Celebrating Our Home Learning 2019/20

Elsie really enjoyed creating these images using the Rob Biddulph guide. They look amazing!


Beth has been getting creative - what a fantastic mask!

Ruby has been busy making a cake for her aunt and uncle. Happy birthday to you both!


Do you remember last week when Ellie planted some seeds? Well...the micro cress is growing already!


More PE! Way to go Archie!


What a thoughtful idea, Riley. 

Beth has been enjoying learning about Easter, using the Palm Sunday Easter pack.


Yum! Just look at Jake's cakes - they look delicious!


Emma remembered making fossils at school, so she has been making her own at home. Well done!



Hollie is being brave and trying a new author that she hasn’t read before.
She is starting with Gangsta Granny. What a great example of independent learning, Hollie.


Evie has been getting creative. Your pictures are amazing!



Here are some quotes to say what we think about our home learning. 




Emma's finished jungle picture - it looks glorious!

Those mini egg cookie look delicious boys!


Ruby. you have been busy. Your art work is amazing!





Today, Ellie has planted some seeds! She is also keeping a diary to log the progress. I can't wait to find out how they get on!


Lucy and her family had some very interesting visitors yesterday. Teehee!



I was very pleased to see Beth doing some Geography. It reminds me of the fun we had when we did our PowerPoints. Then, it was time for PE with her family.





Emma enjoyed getting creative! Lovely blending. I can imagine a glorious sunset with those colours.


Kitty has been busy making this beautiful head band. It must have been very fiddly with all of those small beads.



Getting messy! Lucy and her sister had lots of fun doing some leaf printing. 

Just look at the attention to detail! Well done, Beth.

Beth went to our 'Arts, Design and Craft' page on the school website and then followed the link to learn how to draw characters online: biddulph




Frankie and Ruby making the most of the sunshine.


Keeping fit there Archie! A great way to have a PE lesson.

It's lovely to see you hard at it, Emma. Well done - keep it up!

Puzzling it out there, Frankie!