BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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My Class

My Class

We start the year with a close look at who we are, our strengths and what we have to offer. We thoughtfully investigated what can be learnt from Philippians 4:13 about trust and about recognising the ability we have to overcome challenges which may come. 





Take a look at the photos below to find out who makes up our superb class.




I think I know why it is important to share and talk about my strengths and my characteristics...

After looking at how democracy works in this country and other countries, we listened to the speeches of children in our class who wanted to represent us as part of our School Council. 


We listened carefully, so that we could vote responsibly. We democratically voted in Neive and Ellis. 


I think that I would make a good school council rep' because I care about my classmates and want to help Berkswich CE be a good place for everyone. If I am voted to be the rep', then I would make sure that I represented the whole class and raise everybody's ideas and problems. Some of my ideas are a buddy bench would be a place where you go if you need a friend. I would raise money to get school equipment by selling cakes or sweets. I think that I am helpful, kind and sensible and that's why I think that I would make a good School Council representative. 

We have examined the way in which others present themselves online through their user names and details that can be viewed by others. Using what we have learnt, we have thought about how to make the right decisions about how we interact with others and how people perceive me - a great way to stay safe and healthy.





Can you work out who each avatar represents? Enjoy having a look at the lessons we have learnt...