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Achieve, Believe and Care

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Spring One Our World

Our World


In this unit, we have been considering our responsibility in looking after the world.


Why do we need to look after the world?

  • If we don't look after the world, we won't be looking after ourselves
  • Icebergs melting
  • Global warming
  • Animals will go extinct
  • So that future generations can have a better life
  • Land will be covered with water
  • Famine and drought



       What can we do?

  • Turn the lights off when no-onw is in the room
  • Recycle
  • Rubbish in the bin
  • Car share
  • litter picking
  • Don't pollute
  • Fair Trade                                          


We have also looked at our human rights and understand that everyone has them. We know that what we do can impact on others.