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Digital Literacy and Online Safety across the curriculum

Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum


We have adopted the ‘Education for a Connected World’ digital literacy curriculum, devised and updated by the UK Council for Internet Safety; this is a framework to equip children and young people for digital life.


This aspect of learning may be taught discretely or, when relevant and effective to do so, it is woven into our computing, PSHE and wider curriculum. For example, when a child requires a log-in for their Google account in Year Six, they develop their understanding of the need to keep their passwords secure. Considering work on justice in RE, the children may also consider how to judge online opinions and sites. As part of their PSHE, children may learn about copyright and using others' creations with respect. These are examples of when the digital literacy enhances learning across the curriculum. Links are not forged when to do so would diminish the quality of each subject. 


The objectives are split into eight strands which are outlined below. To view each year group's coverage and objectives, please view our progression grid here.