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Los Colores The Colours

Los Colores!


Can you have a go at the activities below to check that you know how to say, spell and recognise each of the colours in Spanish.


Click on the sound files to check your pronunciation. Perhaps you could record yourself so that you can listen and improve further. 


Why not teach someone else? You remember far more of what you teach someone else. You'd make a superb teacher!


Go for it!

Can you colour a rainbow using the correct colours? Download and print.


  1. Print both sheets and cut up into rectangles.
  2. Each player chooses four colour crayon cards.
  3. Shuffle the word cards and place in a pile
  4. Any player turns one at a time.
  5. If any player recognises the colour as one of theirs, then they cover the correct pencil
  6. If the player forgets to say their colour in Spanish before the next word card is turned, then they lose the card again!
  7. All cards covered? You have a winner!

Why not make up your own rules and play your own game. Print more sheets if they are needed. 

Bingo cards to download and print

Colour crossword to download and print

Yellow - amarillo

Blue - azul

Red - rojo

Black - negro

Orange - naranja

Pink - Rosa

Green - verde

Violet - violeta

Brown - Marron

Grey - gris

White - blanco

Parents and teachers - these audio files are used in school, together with resources from Spanish speaking community members and other high-quality providers to support learning across each year.