BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Information Technology Around Us

Lesson One:


In this unit we have identified devices which are computers and consider how IT can help us both at school and at home. We have been able to:

  • find examples of information technology
  • talk about uses of information technology
  • compare types of information technology

We discussed what information technology is and where we can find it at home and in school. 

Lesson Two:


We have explored the uses of information technology in a shop by creating our own shop counters in the classroom. The children created bar codes for different foods and were able to calculate the total prices of their peers shopping! The children loved scanning each other’s items.

Lesson Three:


The children have considered how they use different forms of information technology safely, in a range of different environments. We have discussed the choices that we make when using information technology, and the responsibility associated with those choices. We went on an IT hunt around the school! Here is what we found.