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The Beyrl Holt Award

The Beryl Holt

Community Contribution Award


Thank you to the kindness of the family of Beryl Holt, a community contribution award has been set up whereby children are nominated each year to win the shield. Children have been nominated for everything from running for charity, to helping to clear a neighbour's weeds. We are very proud of the contributions of our children and the way in which they are citizens of now and the future.


The winner for 2021/2 is Sam from Year Six for his superb contributions over the year. 





We have been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and community spirit of those children who were nominated for the Beryl Holt Award. Miss Holt and her father, had a very difficult job selecting a winner due to the high standards of entries.


Jacob (Y4) was selected as overall winner as he has demonstrated kindness and community spirit to elderly residents. Whilst playing outside Jacob noticed some elderly neighbours struggling to cut their hedge so he took it upon himself to help them with cutting the hedge, holding the ladder and also clearing away all the debris. He offered also to help them with the gardening which he has been doing on a regular basis. In addition, Jacob regularly carries out litter picking within his local community.


We are extremely proud of all nominees - Jacob (Y4), Abraham (Y3), Harriet (Y6), Will H (Y6), Phoebe H (Y2), Beth (Y5), Cora (Y2), Lewis (Y6), Kailas (Y6) and Eva (Y5). The stories behind all nominees will be shared on our school website soon.