BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Meet the staff

Our skilled manager and play workers care for each child in the club and work hard to ensure that children enjoy their time at Cedars. They organise and take part in a wide range of activities - from the relaxed to the lively!


Meet the staff below...


Mrs Johnston is the manager at Cedars and is also a teaching assistant in school. On the creative side, she teaches children to knit and relishes cooking on Tuesdays and gardening in the spring and summer months. On Fridays, she loves to run film and beauty box nights. She is also dedicated to running a homework club and helping Year Six with their studies. Mrs Johnston finds that children are eager to listen to the stories she reads each morning to all of Cedars before they go off to Nursery or to class.



Mrs Wiggins loves doing craft with the children too. The children have thoroughly enjoyed her skills, especially weaving, painting and Easter and Christmas crafts. Without a doubt, she also makes great toast!



Mrs Batson adores art and craft activities. She inspires others to explore their inner artist and discover new skills. Mrs Batson also works in school with the younger children in her role as a teaching assistant. 



Mrs Rose and Mr Weldon are our sporty duo. In the summer, Mrs Rose sets up exciting outdoor activities and even water balloons! In the winter, she arranges sport tournaments galore.



Jayden, who is studying at college to gain his teaching assistant qualifications, has been part of Cedars since starting as a Walton student. He is a scout leader who shares his scouting knowledge as well as interacting with football and many other sports.



Mrs Smith is the newest member of the Cedars staff. She currently works at lunchtimes so she is well-known by the children. She primarily cares for the younger children in Cedars and enjoys playing outside with the children on the equipment. Craft indoors is another of her enthusiasms.