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Key Stage 1 (Year 2)

Optional Key Stage One SATs ~ Year Two



KS1 SATs have become optional from September 2023. However, the Department of Education (DfE) will continue to provide standardised test at the end of Year Two that may be taken by children in the Summer Term. This is because Year Two is the last year group in Key Stage One.


Along with many schools, we have decided to take part in the optional tests; these help to support teacher assessment, but do not replace it. The tests are standardised and enable teachers to have another way of benchmarking children against national standards. The results only guide assessments, since we know that they are single measurements of children and not all children demonstrate their day-to-day attainment within tests. 


We work with local schools and take part in moderation sessions (Reception to Year Six), to ensure that our assessment are accurate and quality-assured.


It is vital that the children are excited by learning and see each day as a new opportunity to improve. It is our experience that children demonstrate their best abilities when relaxed and happy; therefore, we do not refer to SATs as 'tests' or speak about them in a way that could increase stress and worry. Please rest assured that we take learning in Year Two extremely seriously, but are very aware of the need to remain relaxed and positive, with children relishing opportunities to progress throughout the year.  


It is the ethos of the school that we do not over-test; instead, we provide lively and engaging opportunities to maximise learning within meaningful contexts. Nearer the time, Mr Allen will work with the children to have a go at past papers. We ask parents not to use the government's draft or previous papers, since these may be used in school before May. Children access these to ensure that: they are familiar with the processes involved; they are secure with procedures in advance; and the check-ups are approached without worries. To this end, we ask that parents and carers reflect this approach, ensuring that children are not anxious about testing. Our focus is on day to day assessments which are more informal and allow Mr Allen to constantly be reviewing progress, challenging children and supporting where necessary.  


Writing is assessed only through teacher assessment. There is no SATs test for writing. Mr Allen will make judgements based on a wide range of your child's writing across all curriculum subject areas - quality-assured by local moderation and the support of the English lead. This is a much fairer way to assess you child's abilities in writing.​ 


Please remember that the SATs are just a snapshot of learning and that we will continue to learn with eagerness in Year Two throughout the Summer term and into Year Three. 

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