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Autumn Two

What are we learning in Autumn Two?



In English this half term, we will be delving into the exciting world of poetry. We will study a range of poems which will inspire us when writing our own. I am very excited for our performance poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll. There is a world of imagination in poetry and children will be able to let their creativity flow.




We will be focusing on fractions in maths this half term. Building on from the learning in Year Five, we will compare, order, add and subtract fractions. Following this, we will then investigate multiplying and dividing fractions. Problem solving and reasoning skills are embedded into these units to deepen understanding and further challenge thinking. At the end of the term, we will convert between metric and imperial measures.



Year Six will build upon their learning from Year Four when designing and investigating electrical circuits. Using their scientific skills, children will create their own experiments and use technology to design and diagnose problems with their circuits. I am particularly looking forward to seeing children create their own working traffic lights!


Science Day

During science day, Year Six will learn about the impact of oil spills on our environment and they will conduct their own STEM activity investigating different ways to mop up oil from water. Year Six will also have the opportunity to work with younger years supporting engineering and structure design in their STEM activities.



We will be travelling back in time to the ‘Maya-zing’ Ancient Maya Civilisation! Studying artefacts and reliable sources, Year Six will investigate this incredible civilisation and come up with theories to determine why many of the significant Maya settlements were suddenly abandoned. We will learn how they became expert mathematicians and were skilful astronomers and architects. Year Six will be visited virtually by an expert archaeologist where children will be able to ask their own questions about Ancient Maya.



Year Six will investigate the ocean currents and the human impact of these. In detail, Year Six will learn the different currents found in an ocean and apply this knowledge to the Earth's climate. In groups, children will research the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and current scientific strategies companies are using to reduce the impact of this.