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Webpage creations

Understanding HTML


Year Six have written their own definitions to understand HTML. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a system used to mark out a webpage and it is used to achieve font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.

Year Six learned how to view the HTML code on a webpage. First, right click on a webpage's media. Next, click inspect. The HTML code will appear on the right of your screen.

Analysing a Webpage


To understand the structure of a webpage, Year Six explored the Chester Zoo website identifying key features and their purpose. This information will be used when designing their own webpages. 

Designing our Webpages


Using knowledge of webpage layouts and exploring different layout features on google sites, Year Six began planning their webpage design. Careful thought was taken when planning the 'what' and 'why'. Through class discussions, children selected their own webpage design and explained how they would ensure it would appeal to the target audience. 


CopyRight or CopyWRONG


Below are scenarios that Year Six debated if they were correctly using media or not and infringing on copy right. Look underneath for each of our verdicts.



Katie is doing a project on the Second World War. She finds a picture on the BBC website that she would like to use in her work. She copies the picture and adds it to a poster she is making all about the Second World War. “The picture was easy to copy from the website — so what’s the issue?” 




Gabby has found a picture on a website that would be perfect to include in her art homework. She selects part of the image, adds filters, chops up the image into pieces, and places it back together in the wrong order. She hands the image into her teacher as a piece of modern art with a small credit to the owner of the original image at the bottom. “It’s fine, I’m allowed.” 



Philip has found a piece of music online which he would like to use as the soundtrack to one of the videos he is making in class. He can’t download it in school so his Dad helps him save the track at home so that he can use it in school. “Dad knew how to download the track off YouTube and it was really easy. My Dad is really clever when it comes to computers.” 




Abdul has found a site that offers images for free without any copyright restrictions. He finds an image he wants to use but the site goes down. “No need to worry, I’ve found the exact same picture on Google so I’ll use that!”




Pierre finds a library of images online. The site says the images are copyright-free and that people are allowed to use them. Pierre selects some of the images from the site to use as part of a web page he is making in school. He is so thankful that he can use the images he makes sure that people who come to his site can see where the images have come from. “Now my friends can use the pictures too if they want to!”



Different Devices


After Year Six created their webpages, they reflected on how it appeared on different devices: a computer, a tablet and a phone. We discussed the importance of this and decided how best to change the page to ensure it looked effective across all three devices. Click on the images below to zoom into Fred and Maddie's webpages on different devices.

Wonderful Websites

Over the last half term, Year Six have collated all of their learning and new skills to create their own websites. Please click on the links below to explore their creations. The children have done a great job of creating subpages and hyperlinks so be sure to click on the images and texts to find out more. The logo returns users back to the home page.


Please click the link or copy and paste a weblink into your browser to view our wonderful websites. You may need to sign into your google account to view these.














DB (














All around the world (







The Ace Animal Kingdom (



HH (




https://AnimalsRG (



JH (












All about Gymnastics (




Tropical animals (

















EP (




horse (



















Endangered (