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What is an exclamation?

An exclamation mark indicates that the sentence is showing emphasis; something urgent or surprising; an order or command; or a strong emotion such as delight, anger, fear, or danger.


Examples in action

I don’t believe it!

Sit down!

It’s a goal!


Call the police!

Oh dear!


Exclamation sentences

Exclamation sentences must start with ‘How’ or ‘What’ and contain and subject, then a verb.

The subject always comes before the verb.


Examples in action

What a beautiful day it is!

What a superb answer you gave!                                

How dare you do that!

How tall you have grown!

What a rude man he was!        

How beautifully she dances!


‘What a great day!’ is NOT an exclamation sentence. No verb = no exclamation sentence.


Be careful!

Don’t use more than one exclamation mark at a time.

Using them too often causes the writing to lose its effect on the reader.