BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Our Geography Curriculum Intent

At Berkswich, we strive to inspire our children to have an innate curiosity and fascination about the world that we live in and the diversity around them. Our goal is for all children to develop a love of geography.


Our ambitious geography curriculum is designed to have concepts weaved throughout every year group to encourage purposeful repetition to ensure the progressive development of geographical concepts, knowledge and skills. This consistently builds on previous understanding so that our children are striving to become geographers who understand their own significance in the world which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


Our high-quality teaching of geography, and our enrichment offer, enables our children to understand their rights and responsibilities towards other people and the environment in which we live.  All children will be equipped with advanced knowledge about diverse places, people, resources, and natural and human environments. This ensures that each child, including SEND children, gain the real geographical experiences of their community and the wider world.


Our aim is to create a learning environment where children have a thirst for investigation and new learning. This is underpinned by geographical vocabulary, enabling children to effectively communicate the interaction between physical and human processes.