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My Health

This has been a strange and unique year for so many reasons.  In Year 5, we have discussed how the pandemic has effected people's health - both physical and metal.  


We have thought about all the things that we have been doing to keep ourselves physically healthy, such as hand washing and social distancing, and the benefits of these actions on our physical wellbeing.


Alongside this, we have spent time focussing on our mental wellbeing, and the steps we can take to protect this.  Being away from school and completing online learning has been challenging, with many of us longing to return to the normality of being in school.  However, returning to school after such a long time brings worries too.  


We have been writing down some of the things that we were concerned about as the return to school approached - and guess what?  We were all having similar thoughts!  By sharing these, we have reconnected as a class - ready to start learning together in the classroom again.