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Getting a Handle on Handwriting!


Learning and practising handwriting is a fundamental part of early development. In Year One, we concentrate on developing a cursive and neat style with the children.


The Curriculum states that:

Pupils should be taught to:

  • sit correctly at a table, holding a pencil comfortably and correctly
  • begin to form lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place
  • form capital letters
  • form digits 0-9
  • understand which letters belong to which handwriting ‘families’ (i.e. letters that are formed in similar ways) and to practise these.



Handwriting requires frequent and discrete, direct teaching. Pupils should be able to form letters correctly and confidently. The size of the writing implement (pencil, pen) should not be too large for a young pupil’s hand. Whatever is being used should allow the pupil to hold it easily and correctly so that bad habits are avoided.
Left-handed pupils should receive specific teaching to meet their needs.

In addition to the excellent whole school handwriting resources, there are some exercises, videos and tasks here to help continue this learning at home.

Let's wake our fingers up!

Practise for those who've found their style!