BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Autumn One


The writing and reading book that we will be learning from is a surprise; therefore, I shan’t spoil it by telling you, but it is by one of my favourite current authors, Katherine Rundell.


Within our learning, we will be focusing on our core skills within writing; grammar, spelling, sentence structures and writing for an audience. Through reading lessons, we will concentrate on comprehension including inference, summarising and prediction. 



During this half term, the children will be securing their understanding of the number system.  We will be representing numbers in a variety of ways, rounding numbers, interpreting negative numbers and delving deeper into Roman numerals.  Along the way the children will need to apply their learning to solve problems and challenges.


Before we break up for half term, the children will be solving addition and subtraction problems in different contexts, appropriately choosing and using number facts using mental and written methods. They will be explaining their decision making and justifying their solutions.


Religious Education:

The children will be considering what it means if God is holy and loving focusing on how we describe God and what the Bible says about God and his character.  We will be studying Bible texts about God and making connections between these and how Christians put these beliefs into practice in worship.  



This half term we will become Internet Experts! The children will be learning the difference between the internet and the world wide web, and understanding how to navigate it safely.


Physical Education:  

"I just want to push the barriers and see what I can do and how far I can go. I am just determined and driven."  Usain Bolt


Throughout our PE lessons, the children are going to build up their fundamental skills and understand what components contribute to a healthy lifestyle. From balance to jumping for distance, the children will be able to vocalise their areas of strength and those for improvement.



Materials Matter is the name of this half term's chemistry focus. Building on their learning from previous years, the children will hypthesising about different materials in the world and creating their own experiments to test their theories. Through a range of additional material experiments, they will understand and question material properties.



Music will involve the children learning about impactive pieces throughout history and seeing if you can follow different beat patterns to create your own musical excerpts. For those that play an instrument, inside or outside of school, more information will follow about bringing your instrument into class. 



We have our eyes on history, and this term our eyes are focused on Ancient Greece. Developing the children's timeline knowledge from previous years and enhancing their understanding of how Ancient Greece has impacted life today, will be our core focuses.