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Achieve, Believe and Care

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Fun activities for practising

Remember to also practise each word in a sentence during the week. 


Paint Bag Writing - pour some ready mixed paint into a thick, press-to-seal sandwich bag (hair gel works well too). Ensure the air has been taken out before sealing. Smooth the paint out, until it covers a good area of the bag. Children write their words onto the bag by using their finger (the word is written as the paint is forced out of the way). To erase, simply smooth the paint back out again.


Love the Lego - write letters on individual small pieces of lego, using permanent pen. These can then be joined to write words. 



Fizzy Letters - Write in sherbet with a lolly stick and then eat it (the sherbet!).


Dinosaur Roars - draw a dinosaur and decorate. Write letters on pegs and use these to make spikes along the back of the dinosaur as you spell out the words. After every correct word, make your dinosaur roar!


Exploding words - save the air filled bags from parcel packing. Children write the words on the bags. When learnt, they stamp and explode them! A smaller version is possible by writing individual letters on bubble wrap and popping letters when spelt correctly in a check-up.


Bang! - practise using the words in sentences. Push all of the slips into a balloon, blow up and then pop! Slightly daft, but most will enjoy this (watch out for children with a strong dislike of balloons).


Munchies - Spell words at breakfast time with rice crispies, cheerios, etc. Enjoy eating them if correct!


Nice work! - pipe icing on biscuits and deliver to a friend or neighbour (with a parent).


Shakers - add the spellings to a jar or container filled with rice, pasta or cereal. Children shake to find a word, turn the container away, try to spell it and then check.


Nuts and bolts - Write on nuts and then screw onto a bolt. This means that the initial letter can be taken off and replaced to make a new word.


Water Wash - (Warm day required!) Use a paintbrush and water to write your words on the fence or patio.


Puffy Paint - (1 cup flour, 2tbsp baking powder and 2 tbsp salt, food colouring). Use squirty bottles to write words onto card. Microwave for thirty to forty seconds, until puffy.


Cave Writing - Paint the underside of a child's table with blackboard paint. Use chalks and torches to practise spellings. Alternatively, add a whiteboard sheet (the type that stick to the wall, without adhesive) and use pens.


Pasta Prompts - write words using cooked spaghetti! It is brilliantly sticky!


Spelling pretzels - use a packet of pretzels to make each letter. Break them up as necessary.


Sand Letters - line a tray with bright-coloured wrapping paper. Cover with a thin layer of sand. Children write their words in the sand, revealing bright, coloured letters.


Pipe-cleaners - bend and join into joined up letters


Rice Paper and Edible Pens - write on and then eat! You could cut triangles of the paper. Cut sections of apple and push the triangular sails into the apple boats. Float on a bowl of jelly (sea). Enjoy discussing the spelling over a delicious tea! 


Sliders - Use a flattened tube and a strip of card to make word sliders - a great way to experiment with changing words. 


Wordles - use to create wordles, using examples of a particular spelling rule.


Hidden Spelling Words - on a white piece of paper, write the spellings in white crayon. Once all of the words have been written, use watered down paint to reveal the words.


Rap! - rap the spellings very simply. For example, “R to the A to the double P. Add to that Mr E and Mr D. For older children, they could then add the spelling rule in a rhyme. Add arm movements, rap-style phrases (“Yeah”, “Break it down now”, “Uh”, etc.) and sunglasses for fun!