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Walton High School

Our link with Walton is very important to us; we hope that this information gives those who will be moving on to our local high school, a feel for the reading opportunities ahead...


Walton High School Library


We know that Year Six will be keen to visit the school library as soon as they can. Great news! The Year Sevens are introduced to the library at the start of their first term at Walton. As well as two seating areas, there are bean bags which create a fun element to the library. It is a well-stocked library with both fiction and non-fiction books – something for everyone!


The library area ground floor is essentially available to students for private study, reading and research.  It can also be used for staff to send a few students to borrow books for lessons or projects. Students go to the library to experience a calm atmosphere and the ambiance is such that it is a good place for reflection and thinking.


The upstairs area is an IT suite where students can research or work on learning programmes on a computer. This is where Year Sevens can also print out their work or send and receive emails.


There is an online library which holds all the books in the school library and can be accessed by students with a username and password.


The library is open at breaktimes and lunchtimes and after school until 3.45pm.


The teachers and the librarian regularly run competitions such as ‘Read a book, earn a star,’ whereby pupils are encouraged to read five books in a term. Of course, there is a small prize for the winner! In addition, at Christmas the Christmas Bookmark Competition takes place. These are recent winning entries.


For the last eight years, the ‘Walton World Book Day’ dressing-up competition at the beginning of March, is a fantastic event and is a great way to highlight books and literature; there are prizes for the three winners in each year group.


There's so much more on its way for those who leave us to attend Walton - author birthday celebrations, the Summer Reading Challenge, STAR and The Carnegie Medal title promotions - to name just a few!


Reading in Lessons and at Home


The library is only one part of reading at Walton. In addition to this, English teachers read one text a year in Years Seven to Nine, along with an anthology of extracts in lessons. Teachers expect students to read privately for one of their homework sessions every week in Key Stage Three too. Reading is used at the start of the lesson in English; students in Year Seven read their own texts in Term one and after that, they are given a wider reading anthology that has been put together in relation to the unit being studied.


This year, the school has started the Tutor Read scheme. Each tutor group reads at least three times a week in tutor time. The aim is for every class to have completed three texts a year. 

Reading celebrations can be seen in the English department. The 'Extreme Reading' photos  and  '16 Before You Are 16' competition will be easily spotted!


We are so proud of our amazing readers at Berkswich CE and feel excited about the reading ahead in Year Seven!



The lovely Mrs Rowland - Head of the Drama Department


From the moment you step foot into the Drama Studio, you will be sure to experience inclusivity, creativity and collaboration. Drama and Theatre at Walton High School is thoughtfully tailored to suit every student - even if you do not want to act! Yes, you read that correctly!


Of course, we have many talented students who do choose acting... however, if you wish to, you may study as a designer of: costume (including hair & makeup), set, lighting, sound, or even puppetry instead!


Although Drama is not part of the curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9, there are still many exciting opportunities surrounding Drama and Theatre for you to be involved in: our yearly school production, drama club and musical theatre club - just to name a few! You will be able to choose to study GCSE Drama for Year 10 and 11; in addition, to continue your passion and commitment to the subject, Walton High School now also offer the option to study Drama and Theatre for A-Level. What are you waiting for? The blank canvas of our drama studio awaits...