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Let's Get Writing!

Reading and writing is a key part of Year One learning. It is important that children are able to say what they want to write, write it and then read it back. Adding in punctuation, adjectives and other writing devices comes during the process, but is second to talking their writing.


In Geography, we have been learning about the oceans in the world and the environment they create.


Here are two pictures that I would like you to write about. Think about what you can see, hear, taste and smell. Make sure you say what you want to write before putting pen to paper. Then try and read your writing and edit it for punctuation.

Around the Arctic!

An example of writing might be:


My boat drew closer to the magnificent iceberg. I could see the patterns of the ice reflected in the frozen water. I could only hear silence. My boat bounced over the gentle ripples and I could taste the cold in my mouth.

If you're looking for a writing challenge, then think about adding these in:


  • Unusual ways to start sentences. Don't just start with I, The or My.
  • Adding in 2A phrases - two adjectives together: cold, wet nose. Always use a comma in between the two adjectives.
  • Using uncommon adjectives. Don't just say the 'big iceberg', write 'gigantic' or 'colossal'. 

Read our incredible writing!