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Violin for beginners

WCET Violin Lesson 1

Learn from the beginning with Mr Omer from Entrust music services.

WCET Violin Lesson 2

Mr Omer reminds you of some basics of violin playing and challenges you to follow the music. Please remember that you can go back and repeat sections to improve your playing. Take a break if you need to and then try again. It will get easier!

WCET Violin Lesson 3

From Entrust, Mr Omer takes your learning a step on. Be patient and listen carefully to your playing.

WCET Violin Lesson 4

The fourth video in this series. Don't forget you can go back and have a go at any of the other sessions too!

WCET Violin Lesson 5

Listen to the pitch changes with Mr Omer from Entrust.

WCET Violin Lesson 6

Mr Omer takes us through the 6th session of whole class violin.