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Governors' Code of Conduct & Related Policies

Governor-related Policies and

Codes of conduct


There are a number of policies that  specifically relate to the roles or conduct of our school governors at Berkswich CE. The review cycle for each is noted at the top of each policy. Reviews are carried out on this date or before if needed.


These policies are as follows:


  • Governor induction policy
  • Code of conduct for governors and the governing board
  • Governors allowances policy
  • Governor school visit policy
  • The Instrument of governance


These Policies can be found on the school website in the Statutory and Good Practice policy areas. Please click here. 


Please note that our governors are also responsible for reading and approving many of our school policies, with those relating to safeguarding given the greatest priority. All governors are also receive annual Level 1 Safeguarding training.