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Summer One My Health

Healthy, Balanced Lifestyles


Children discussed the different components of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We considered how both physical and mental health is very important. The class created informative leaflets detailing what would lead to a healthy lifestyle; they considered diet, legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine, screen time and the physical and mental benefits of exercise. 

Science - our bodies

Year Six built upon their knowledge of internal organs from their learning in Key Stage Two. In science, Year Six looked at a variety of organs and their functions with a focus specifically on the circulatory system. Year Six also learnt about the changes of that their bodies will undergo when they transition into young adults as well as discussing range of strategies that they can use to aid their mental and physical health during this time.

My Health in Year Five

This week, we have been considering what makes a healthy lifestyle. We carefully discussed the difference between physical and mental health and how the two are equally important. We brainstormed ways to look after both our physical and mental health and we created wordart to show our understanding of both negative and positive impacts on these. Have a look at some of our creations below!


During this unit, we considered what is healthy for us and what is not. This included healthy diets and exercise as well as medicines that can make us feel better. We also discussed that not all drugs are medicines and that when we are prescribed medicines, we should only take the amount that has been recommended to us by the doctor. We discovered that habits can be good or bad and that smoking can affect our health.