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My Community

Hebrews 13:16 - And do not forget to do good and share with others.


Berkswich Primary School is located in a beautiful community. We strive to play a positive part in that community, through polite manners, fundraising, volunteering or community visits. 

Have a look at the fantastic work the Berkswich children have been during about the community around them.


Jeans for Genes day 2017


To support children with genetic disorders, the whole school took part in ‘Jeans for Genes’ day. We wore a piece of denim clothing and bought in £1.

Miss Sutton also led an assembly, where we could learn more about genetic disorders and also talk to each other about experiences we may have had.




Rememberance day at Age UK Stafford

The school council were invited to read at the Age UK Remembrance Day service in November. It was a very moving service, teaching the children vital information. Thank you to everyone who welcomed us so warmly and be a part of this wonderful event.



Christmas Card Competition with Radis House

Berkswich are honoured to be a part of the Christmas card competition with Radis House. All the children in school design their own christmas card and the residents of Radis house choose winners. These winning creations are then published as christmas cards. Congratulations to everyone who designed their own. Well done!


PCSO assembly

As part of Berkswich's role within the community, PCSO Mike Davies visited us to explain his role within the community. He spoke about how he protects us and what to do if we get lost or feel uncomfortable. We were then allowed to try on different parts of a police officer's uniform.



Best Kept Village Competition

Last year, the children took part in the Best Kept Village competition by making posters encouraging memebers of the public to keep Berkswich clean. We are doing the same this year. Have a look at our wonderful posters below.



Year 5 and 6 Carol Concert

Year Five and Six celebrated Christmas with a Carol Concert at Radis House, in Stafford.They performed a set of songs and then chatted with the members of the Radis community.