BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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My World

Our place within our world gives an important sense of self.  Being back together in class has helped us to re-establish our sense of self and how and where we fit into each of our different communities.  


Some of us have felt a bit lost over the last few months, due to the impact of lockdown and the isolation we have all experienced.  Year 5 have done lots of activities during this period to remember how important it is to look after ourselves - physically and mentally. 


We all created a 'Healthy Platter' - not of the foods we should eat to keep our bodies fit and healthy - but of the activities, people and things that make us happy, keeping our minds fit and healthy.  Realising the importance of self-care and being able to recognise the things we gain happiness and comfort from, allows us to thrive and be the best version of ourselves.  We can then take our place within the world and be ready to take on every opportunity that we encounter.