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School Improvement Priorities

Key School Improvement Priorities




At Berkswich CE Primary the welfare and learning of every pupil is at the heart of all that we do; we constantly strive to achieve the best for our children.


As a result of our own continuous self-evaluation, we have identified ways in which we can continue to improve and all children including the most vulnerable and SEND, can continue to excel. 


Well-being underpins all elements of school life, children are cherished as individuals with systems in place to ensure all pupils thrive and are able to live life to the full, reaching their God given potential. At Berkswich CE, we place the greatest importance on educational research to guide school improvement.


Priority One - English

1.1. Through bespoke spelling CDP and resourcing by subject leads, teachers are provided with a highly effective whole-school approach that impacts the accurate use of age-related rules and spellings within lessons in every year group, closing gaps in knowledge across all cohorts and groups, including SEND, resulting in the number of children at ARE and GD in SPG is within the top 20% of schools nationally.


1.2. Whole-school handwriting progression is refined to align with the developments in phonics and spelling; high standards of handwriting and presentation support fluency in writing and lead to higher outcomes in writing.


Priority Two - Mathematics

2.1. The Mastering Number approach is in place from Reception to Year Two and through review and revision, the quality of teaching in this area is consistently outstanding. Children’s number sense is impacted and seen through excellent progress by children in every cohort and group, including SEND.


Priority Three - Curriculum

3.1. High quality CPD equips staff, ensuring purposeful schemas, deep coherence and progression. Skills and concepts are interwoven throughout the curriculum subjects and school years, creating conscious connections which impact on long term memory and therefore, pupil outcomes and progress; a school focus on DT, PSHE and Science will result in high outcomes for all cohorts and groups, including SEND.


Priority Four - EYFS

4.1. Our highly ambitious EYFS curriculum ensures that all children, particularly the most disadvantaged, those with SEND and communication barriers achieve the best possible outcomes, through high quality provision to support those with speech and language needs, an outstanding use of restorative practice to ensure inclusivity, an enhanced programme for parent and carer partnership learning and a tailored transition from Reception to Year One.


Priority Five - Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development

5.1. A global partnership has been established and embedded meaningfully across the whole of school; courageous advocacy and the impact of individual and community actions are understood and maintained.


5.2. Children have an excellent understanding of how they are able to positively impact the environment: sustainability is threaded intentionally through the curriculum in ways that ensure that learning is deep, relevant and impactful.