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Photo editing

Today we stated our new computer topic of Photo Editing!


We started by identifying ways we can change an image, in real life and on a digital device. We planned how we would edit a printed photo and digital photo using simple tools and explored effects created by editing these images. Finally, we experimented on our own images. Some children then began to experiment with colour adjustments! Here is an image we edited as a class.

Lesson 2:


Today we have explored the effects created when changing the composition of an image. After a discussion of the effects caused by change in composition and reasons why this is useful for editors, we had the chance to edit our own images both physically and electronically! We used our magic wand tool and scissors to edit an image to make it more exciting. Here are some of our edited images:

Lesson 3:


After exploring the similarities and differences of illustrations in books and the atmosphere which is created from an image, we discussed how the editor captured the effects in the image. We decided that the editor added a boarder, filter and altered the brightness of the image. The children were tasked with the challenge of editing a spring image to create a winter image or creating a dark image from a picture of the daytime. What do you think these images looked like before they had been edited?

Lesson 4:


We took our photo editing skills to the iPads in today's lesson! Our aim was to take a photo inside the classroom and retouch the image to make it ready for the school website! After a discussion of the positive and negative effects of retouching images, we identified methods we can use to retouch mages on the iPads including recolour, crop, sharpening and brightening our photos. Here are some of our original images next to the edited versions. 

Lesson 5:


This lesson is based on the concept of fake images. We sorted images into ‘fake’ 

and ‘real’. We then created our own fake images and reflected on how easy it is to digitally alter images, and what this might mean for the images that they see around us. Can you spot what parts of our edited images are fake?

Lesson 6:


This lesson is the final lesson our unit on photo editing. Our aim was to make a publication designed to advertise a photo our choosing. We added elements such as text where we changed sizes, fonts, colours and positioning. We also edited the image to make it more appealing to our target audience. Finally, we gained feedback from our peers When comparing to the original images. The children enjoyed discussing their advertisement ideas and adding them to images.