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Challenging Stereotyping


Year Six met the challenge of designing a robot dog toy brilliantly. Each group had a top secret target market to aim their designs at - children aged ten, girls aged ten and boys aged ten. 


The results of this were fascinating for the class to examine. What was particularly interesting was that the other children were able to accurately guess the gender of the intended user!




Robo-dog designs...

This led to some very interesting discussions; the children sensitively identified ways in which stereotyping might seen and the impact of this. It was wonderful to hear the children reflect on the ways in which they interact with others and challenge their own and others' behaviours and attitudes.

Moving on to High School

Father Graham led a wonderful transition activity for Year Six where they looked at a range of worries they may face during their move to secondary school. We discussed these as well as a range of coping strategies and what we can do during more challenging days and in a range of difficult situations we may face in the future.

Year Six were provided with a transition 'survival guide' donated by the Berkswich church and the scripture union. This book has a wealth of top tips for pupils before their transition to high school. What a useful resource!