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Even though most of us aren't at school everyday, we are still important members of our class community. Reaching out to, talking to and keeping up with our class is vital for our own mindset, but also for our friend's mindset.

You might want to choose one fo these activities to do.


Write a letter

Letters don't have to be long! You could write a short postcard, email or card to someone in your class. Tell them a joke, write about a memory or ask questions about how they are. Make sure that if you are leaving your house to post the letter, you are following current social distances guidelines.


Make a phone call

Spending time on the phone to your friends can help you keep in touch. This could be voice or a video call. Make sure that you ask how they are as well as telling them how you are feeling. Always ask the adult first.


Send a video

This is a really fun way of keeping in touch. You could make a video on your own or with the people you are with in the house. Make sure you always say hello. You could do a dance, tell jokes, take them on a tour of your house. Whatever you like!


Draw a picture

Pictures always make people smile, especially if they have been drawn specifically for you. Draw a picture of yourself or of the people in your house or something that makes you smile. You could email or post your picture.