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Experimenting at home


We love it when children show us their home projects. What great thinking and puzzling has taken place to create a product that suits a purpose and an intended user. Enjoy a peek into our designers of the future (and now!)...

This is a great example from Evan (Year Two). After a history lesson about the impact of the printing press, Evan was challenged to make a new way of printing. He developed this machine, complete with full instructions - some of these can be seen below. Scroll down to see the amazing results from Evan's printing press!


Stage 1: Get thickish cardboard and two long pieces of string and get a medium size tables and as many pieces of wood for your molds as you need. Get a few drills and carve a pattern or shape. 





Stage 2: Pull the string 1 towards you to print on the paper and pull string two towards you once you have printed with string 1 in order to move the paper and then print and move on again.