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Technology around us

Technology Around Us

Firstly, we found out what technology was and where we can find it. We learnt that technology is something that has been designed to help e.g. a glue stick or a laptop. We sorted objects to say whether they were technology or not and then explained their purpose.

We then learnt parts of a computer and a laptop, starting with a mouse/ trackpad. We found out how to login to a laptop using a username and a password. We then explored the trackpad on the laptop to click and drag objects. 

We used and developed these trackpad/ mouse skills to help us create a flower picture using paint. For this we had to click and drag with control to make our pictures. We also explored how to change the paintbrush, the size of the brush and the colour. 

We then learnt what a keyboard is and how we can use this to type. We had already used it previously to login to the laptops but this time we used it to write sentences with our pictures on paint.