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Maths Competition Winners


Celebrating Bebras Achievements, 2022


Mrs Joint and Miss Cassie are very proud of our children's use of computational thinking and problem-solving. Their preparation paid off and we are proud to announce this year's achievements.




Congratulations to the category winners! Ellis in Year Six, Savannah in Year Five, Henry F in Year Three and Maia in Year Two were awarded 'Best in School' in their separate age categories.


A special mention is needed for Ellis, who also achieved the UK Gold Award, which means that he was one of the top scorers in the country. Impressive!


Below are all of the children who achieved a distinction or merit in their age-range. A huge congratulations to all!


Year Six: Maddie, Seb, Olivia, Isabelle D, Jessica, Clayton, Betsy, Ellis, Tomas, Elodie, Joe, Tyler, Darcey, Jack, Edward, Vincent, Joel


Year Five: Will, Ava, Savannah, Mitchell, Lyla, Molly S, Bertie, George, Seth, Layla, Josh, Addy, Mia, Sophie, Archie, Jenny


Year Four: Lacey, Cora, Kiera, Harry, Martha, Ilythea, Tilda, Olivia, Rosalie, Isla, Amber, Lucy, Wilf, Finley, Enya, Daniel, Waylan


Year Three: George C, Henry, Arianna, Elizabeth, Daisy, Amelie, Luna, Sam, Eva, Rayyan, Oscar, Anna, Freddie, Bethany, Elsie, Ella


Year Two: Maia

Well done to all of the children who took part and received a participation award, many of whom, narrowly missed the next certificate. We know that your computational thinking will continue to develop, and that next year will be even more exciting!