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My Class

Keep coming back over the first Autumn half term for a taste of learning in Year Six. 


Learn about how 'My Class' impacts each child and the way in which PSHE is connected to other areas of learning in school and beyond...




To bring out the best in each other and ourselves, we have agreed a classroom contract which outlines positive steps needed for us all to be successful and happy learners in school. 


Year Six Class Agreement


Approach each task with a positive attitude.

Always work hard and try your best.

Treat everyone equally, with respect and as you would want to be treated.

Always be organised and have a tidy work space including trays and lockers.

Always be hygienic by washing your hands regularly and before entering the classroom.

Allow one person to speak at a time and listen to that person. Put your hand up.

Be honest and tell the truth.

Always use kind words and be friendly towards everyone.

Look out for your buddy and be a good role model to others.

Help others when they are in need.

The helper of the day always switches off the lights when leaving the classroom.

Think of others before yourself.

Respect and look after school equipment.

Work quietly, without distracting others, unless you are working in a group.

Be a good team player.

Be accurate and take care with your work.

Appreciate everyone’s talents.

Have fun!


Our characters count - enjoy a few examples made by the class for each and every child. Your character counts and you are...

After many excellent presentations, the children in Year Six voted by secret ballot. Please enjoy a few quotes from the thoughtful speeches of the four who will now represent all of Year Six...



"With my passion, I would be a great school councillor. If I become school council representative, you can always come to me if you have any ideas and I will always remember that you are unique just like everyone else." Alara





"If you vote for me, I will make sure that your voice will be heard. I have many ideas which I would like to spread throughout the school and I can assure you that I have the motivation, energy and compassion to serve you all." Kailas 



"I would like to volunteer to be a Year 6 member of the school council to help to make our school even better! I think it’s important to take school issues seriously, but with a smile on your face. I’ll try to do that if I’m your representative. I think I would be a good representative for Year Six because I am well-organised, responsible and respectful to other people in my class." Alex



"There are lots of ideas I have to help our school and as part of school council I would listen to other students want and their ideas. Involving others and working as a team to continue improving our school!" Sienna


Making positive and responsible choices about my online identity


After examining some different online profiles, we thought about how people create positive and negative identities; this led us to think about how some profiles were not as safe as others. After some very thoughtful discussions, we gathered our top tips ready to share with younger children in school - and for us to follow wisely. We realised that the profiles that we build also includes messages and chats which others read. Everything that we add online or through messages builds up a profile of use for others to see. 


We came up with the following top tips:



Never share your personal information, like the name of your school, clubs you go to, your phone number or your date of birth.


Don't use your real or full name on games. You could use the name of your cat or your favourite colour and shape - Redstar564!


Use a cartoon picture rather than an image of yourself when you are young; a photo of yourself is like sharing personal information. Check with your parents/carers before you let any game access your photos and images. 


If you are asked to add your email to create a profile, check with your parents first. They may want to use theirs instead.


Respect your friends; never share their information as it isn't yours to share. You don't have permission to use other people's details. 


To create a positive profile, you have to take care what you write. Never write about others. These are real people with real feelings. Don't say anything online you wouldn't say in person. Don't write things you could regret later. Make yourself proud.


Don't respond when people add mean words; block anyone who is unkind. Don't become unkind back as that create a negative profile for you. 


Your parents and carers can help to protect you online. You can ask them for advice (remember, don't add any photos without chatting to them first). 


Make your password very hard to guess so no-one can change your profile information. 


“You have intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done.” Genesis 50:20


Joseph: Part One 

Joseph: Part Two

Joseph: Part Three

Joseph: Part Four


Reflecting on the story of Joseph from the Bible, Year Six made a collection of suggestions for overcoming challenges. These ranged from advice like teaming up with someone, to suggestions like taking a break and then returning to a task with determination. We recorded ideas in rather a technicolour way!