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Video Editing

During our first lesson, we considered the question 'What is a video'? Take a look at some of our responses below.


'A series of moving images'

'A clip that is made with sound and moving pictures'


We then began to evaluate a well known gamer, Dan TDM's, video, considering what was happening in the video, what we could see and hear and perhaps how we would make it different. We later discovered that there was three different techniques used in his video. Next lesson, we will have a go at using some of these techniques ourselves. Stay tuned to see how we get on!


In our next lesson, we explored the capabilities of a digital device that can be used to record video. Once the children were familiar with their device, they experimented with different camera angles, considering how different camera angles can be used for different purposes.

Our third lesson focused on planning a video by creating a storyboard. Children's storyboards had to describe each scene, and included a script, camera angles, and filming techniques. Using their storyboards, children made a start on filming their videos. Stay tuned!

The final two lessons allowed children to finish their filming, before importing their videos to begin editing. Children had to think carefully about which sections they wanted to edit or that needed to be shot again. Once happy with their videos, children evaluated the effectiveness of them and considered how their videos might be shared with others. Enjoy our final results!