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English Successes

It has been lovely to read the writing that you have completed. Well done for trying to keep your handwriting neat and use the grammar and punctuation that you have been taught.

Well done Addy for being an author and writing your own non-fiction book about planets. Your letter that you wrote to Molly was lovely to read Jenny. James well done for working hard on your handwriting.

The animals that you have invented and described are very interesting.

Will has been learning how to use a dictionary correctly. A great way to discover meanings of new words!

Layla has set herself a wonderful reading challenge during Lockdown. Layla is going to try and read her own height in books. So far she has read the pile of books shown in the picture. They reach her knees. Keep going Layla! Is anyone else up for this challenge?

Reading is taking us on wonderful adventures.

Please read our book reviews to see if you would like to read these books.

Writing for a Purpose - We have written letters to our family and friends that we have not been able to see during Lockdown.

We have written our own stories with the title, 'How did the elephant get its trunk?'

Non-Fiction Writing

We have chosen one of our favourite traditional tales. Then we have written our story from the point of view of a different character in the book.


We have chosen a favourite poem to share with our friends. We have used our keyboard skills to type them up ourselves. 


I Rode a Rainbow Unicorn

I rode a rainbow unicorn.

We sailed  across the sky.

(I’d fed him lots of skittles,

Since they always make him fly.)

We took off like a comet

on a long and graceful flight.

And everywhere the people stopped

And marveled at the sight .

His path was  bright and colorful.

It sparkled, shimmered, shined,

as he raced across the heavens

Shooting rainbow from behind.

Olivia's favourite poem.




I made myself a snowball, as perfect as could be 

I thought I'd keep it as a pet and let it sleep with me 

I made it some pyjamas and a pillow for its head. 

Then last night it ran away, but first it wet the bed.

By Shel Silverstein 

A humorous poem chosen by Reece.



Molly’s Poem

Love you yesterday

Love you still

Always have and always  will

Friends are flowers that never fade

Like fresh lemons from lemonade.

Written by Molly S


Always have and alw

ke fresh lemons from lemonade.

Our Class Poem 'Instructions for Growing Poetry' by Tony Mitton

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We have been learning a class poem and we have had fun putting actions to it. Enjoy our performances!

'Instructions for Growing Poetry' by Tony Mitton

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'Instructions for Growing Poetry' by Tony Mitton

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We enjoyed reading the poem 'The Marrog' by R.C. Scriven. The poem describes what 'The Marrog' looks like. We have drawn 'The Marrog'. What is similar about our drawings and what differences do you notice?

We have created our own wonderful aliens/monsters. We have then been poets and written our own poems about our aliens/monsters. We have tried to use the same structure of verse one and two from R.C.Striven's poem called 'The Marrog'.

Meet Zoggit!  

By Louie McAuslane-Luffman 


Zoggit is a big, kind creature, 

Zoomed to earth from planet Bob, 

He landed in my garden 

Shouting “good to meet-ya! 

Do you have a dog? 


I love all types of dogs you see, 

Spotty, tall, big and small”, 

My dog Chase ran with Zoggit 

We all played and he stayed for tea, 

Flying off in his ship so tall! 


Chompy by Jenny

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A wonderful performance by Jenny!

Elliot's Amazing Alien and Poem