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Shaving Cream Marbling

Shaving Cream Marbling



You will need:

  • Shaving cream
  • Shallow container
  • Paint
  • Something to use as a scraper (e.g. piece of cardboard or ruler) 
  • Card or paper cut into halves or quarters


Step 1. Spray shaving cream

Spray shaving cream into your dish then smooth the surface a bit with a spatula (or spoon, hands, etc).


Step 2. Drop paint on shaving cream

Use a dropper or paintbrush to transfer the liquid paint to the surface of the shaving cream.


Step 3. Swirl the colours

Swirl the colours together to create a marbled effect. 



Step 4. Put paper on shaving cream

Lay a piece of paper on the surface of the painted shaving cream.



Step 5. Lift paper

Gently lift the paper off of the shaving cream.



Step 6. Scrape shaving cream

Scrape the shaving cream off the paper with a craft stick or a piece of cardboard.



Step 7. Dry

Set paper aside to dry and repeat with more prints!



You can make several prints each time you add paint to the shaving cream. And you can add more colour to existing coloured shaving cream. When you’re ready for a clean slate, you can either add a new layer of shaving cream to the top (as shown) or scoop the coloured shaving cream out and start fresh.