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Our Computing Curriculumn Intention - Why We Do What We Do

The intent of the computing curriculum


At Berkswich CE Primary, we understand that a high-quality computing education is essential for children to understand modern information and communication technologies (ICT), and for them to use these skills to become competent, confident and creative participants of an increasingly digital world. At Berkswich CE we have, therefore, created a curriculum which focuses on children learning to face new technology with eager confidence.


At Berkswich, every child is treasured as God’s creation. The aim of our computing curriculum is to also teach children how to use technology safely. We embrace the many possibilities that technology provides and teach this subject in a positive way; however, we recognise the potential risks in terms of online safety and digital device use. Our response is robust: the progressive digital literacy curriculum ensures that children develop a deep knowledge of how to keep safe and make informed, wise choices appropriate to their age. It is imperative at Berkswich that this learning is threaded throughout every year, rather than just through separate events, since we are keenly aware of the vital importance of keeping children safe and also preparing them to be kind, safe and responsible community members now and in the future.


Our computing planning is cumulative; there is a coherent progression of interconnected knowledge and opportunities to build practical skills which purposefully drive forward each child’s computational thinking and abilities. It is ambitious for all groups, including SEND children, who are supported and challenged to provide an equitable curriculum. Greater depth opportunities are available for every learner, and these reflect our high expectations for every child; indeed, challenge is relished in computing, providing opportunities for children to be tenacious, build independence and express their own creativity and problem-solving skills.


Our school values are seen throughout our computing. In particular, children persevere through stimulating lessons, seeing the rewards of their grit and willingness to embrace failure as part of the learning process. Children do not give up; rather, they learn to be resourceful and seek ways to overcome barriers and challenges, relishing these on the way to success.


We aim to ensure that all of our children become digitally literate and able to make informed choices in a digital world. The use of technology is now essential in many aspects of life and children need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to embrace emerging technology and to use it confidently and efficiently. We aim to inspire pupils to continue to learn and apply the skills they learn at Berkswich CE into secondary school and beyond into the workplace and home. We intend to lay the foundations for children to be able to create content, express themselves, communicate effectively, develop ideas and become highly competent and adaptable computer users in an ever-changing world.