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Achieve, Believe and Care

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Children's Wellbeing



Why is my wellbeing important? 


Good wellbeing means that I can;


  • Feel and express a range of different emotions
  • Have confidence and a positive self-esteem
  • Have good friendships with others
  • Cope when things may change for me

It is normal to feel sad, angry and low sometimes, these are all normal feelings but with low self-esteem, they are more difficult to cope with.

What can affect my wellbeing?


None of us are the same; what affects your wellbeing may be different for someone else. There are some situations that can affect all of us;


  • the care and support you get at home and school
  • your physical health – how much sleep you get, what you eat and drink
  • how you are treated by others
  • being able to recognise and talk to others about your emotions


Click on the links below to find out more about some of the emotions we may experience.