BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Spring Two Our World

What do we need to live?

We learnt about resources we need to live and how we can share these.

"We all need food. We need to make sure we don't throw away lots of food so there is enough for everyone to eat." Arianna

"Everyone needs to have somewhere to live. Charities can help people who are homeless" George

"We can get food from the supermarket, farms and foodbanks." Daisy

Value for Money

We can buy lots of things at the shop and we know that shops want us to buy things when they put something on sale. But, a sale sign doesn't always mean it is a bargain! 



When choosing a pair of trainers, different brands can sell similar pairs for very different prices! It doesn't always mean it is better because it is more expensive!