BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Spring One


This half-term we will be focusing on nonfiction texts and their key features. We will focus on producing various non-chronological reports and have opportunities to perfect our skills when using paragraphs and direct speech.


In our exciting new reading adventures, Year Three will be taken to World War Two in the Michael Morpurgo book 'Little Manfred'. We will dive deep into the author’s use of vocabulary and grammar as well as polishing our skills on inference and summarising.



The first unit of this half term focuses on multiplicative reasoning. The children will be focusing on column multiplication, as well as looking at mental strategies. This will be combined with statistics and money investigations.



In science this half term, Year Three will be exploring nutrition. We will design healthy meals for astronauts, discovering the different roles of digestion through experiments and looking at the diets of other animals. We also are looking forward to dissecting owl pellets to further our understanding of animals’ diets!



It is incredible to see the outstanding progress everyone is making ins swimming! These lessons will continue this term on a Wednesday afternoon at Walton High School. Well done everyone so far! On Tuesdays, we will be focussing on gymnastics. Children will develop their flexibility, perfect a range of balances and explore various ways a gymnast may travel. Children will have the opportunity to incorporating these skills into their own performances and will perform individually, as part of a pair and in a group.



This half term, children will continue developing and perfecting their skills using algorithms to code and sequence successfully in computing. Children will also be using different programmes in their writing unit to create non-chronological reports and to explore different nonfiction texts.


Mini adventures

Children will become explores and will develop an insight into the whole world in this new geography adventure. They will explore the seven continents, locating countries, capital cities and human and physical features.



Children will be completing a unit on 'Health' this half term including discussing strategies to keep happy and healthy. Focusing on mental and emotional health as well as physical health, and the factors that affect our health.



In this exciting new art unit, Gustave Courbet’s work with fruit will inspire us to develop our skills when drawing. Using a variety of mediums including charcoal, chalk pastels and oil pastels, we will explore the skills required to draw spheres and apply these to still life fruit drawings.