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British Science Week

British Science Week 2023 is here


Friday 10 March marks the start of British Science Week. Run by the British Science Association (BSA), the Week is an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) marked by schools, communities, businesses and others around the UK.


Have a look at the fun activities Berkswich has taken part in during British Science Week 

In celebration of British Science Week, Year Five were given a challenge to create the strongest and sturdiest bridge out of paper. We were all in agreement that due to its properties, paper wouldn’t normally be a material that would be used to make a bridge. The children suggested that we could bend, roll or cut the paper to create structure and support for our bridges. Showing brilliant team work and creativity, groups took different approaches in how to do this. I was so impressed to hear children drawing upon their prior knowledge from DT to help with this challenge! Overall, we saw lots of successful bridges with some holding a weight of up to 1kg! Brilliant work, Year Five.                                  

Reception enjoyed creating rainbows during British Science week. The children talked about how rainbows are made and had a go at making their own. 




Reception also went on a Spring hunt in Forest school, they used a spotter sheet to see what signs of Spring they could find. 


Year Four have been busy exploring sounds this week in British Science week. The children used everyday common experiences to explore how sound travels and experimented hearing sounds in different ways. 


Year Six have been busy looking at Victorian inventions and looking at solving problems in their own homes. They had a look at modern day inventors and read the non-fiction children’s story ‘The house that cleaned itself’.