BerkswichCE Primary School

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Spring Two


In maths, the children will be learning more about the numbers to 50. They will be improving their number sense through understanding tens and ones, seeing numbers representing in different ways, solving problems involving numbers to 50 and being able to reason their method and answer.



Last half term's writing exceeded all expectations and I'm so excited about introducing our new writing focus. We will be concnetrating on understanding beginning, middle and end. After analysing, investigating and further understanding this structure, the children will be writing their pieces of narrative writing. They will also continue to further their knowledge of grammar and punctuation and use these skills learnt in their pieces of writing.


During the week the children will continue to have a grammar/punctuation lesson, three handwriting session and a short spelling focus.



In Year One, we are continuing our journey of the 5a phonemes. We will be looking closely at phonetic rules and identifying how this impacts our spellings. 


Reading Adventures

The children are loving the variety of texts that we have looked at through our reading adventures. This half term, we will be looking at both a story with a familiar setting and poetry. However, you'll have to wait and see what these are...


Religious Education

The children will be exploring the big ideas and concepts that lie at the heart of the Easter Story.



The half term's unit is titled 'My Safety'. We are focusing on who helps us stay safe and how we can stay safe in our homes.



Our science unit continues with plants this half term. This term we will be looking at how plants grow over time, how they are classified and the patterns we can learn from them.



We are discovering stop motion animation this half. The children will creating a film for a purpose by selecting, changing and saving different pictures. Watch this space for their creations!



In partnership with Year Two, the children will be learning about continents and oceans in the world. They will be focusing on the locations, human processes, physical features and human features of the Indian and Arctic Oceans. In order to become geographers, the children will be immersed in the vocabulary and map reading of the continents and oceans.



This half term we will be focusing on 'moving pictures' We will be making discoveries on how to make different types of mechanisms, such as levers, wheels and sliders. This will lead to children developing their own ideas of moving pictures.